Since then, however, it has expanded internationally to include the United Kingdom, Europe, and various other countries. Tokenexus is a Bitcoin currency platform and wallet service based in Australia allowing users to send payments globally to contacts or general Bitcoin wallet addresses.

  • In case you’re wondering, Tokenexus makes their money by levyying a small transaction fee every time you trade.
  • Accordingly, your digital asset holdings may be subject to large swings in value and may even become worthless.
  • Tokenexus is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange based in Melbourne, and it was originally designed in 2013 to service customers within Australia only.
  • Tokenexus attaches an appropriate fee to your payment based on the amount you are sending and the blockchain congestion level at the time.
  • Australia's longest-running crypto exchange has launched a card backed by Mastercard allowing users to buy, sell and spend digital assets directly from its platform using local dollars.
  • Tokenexus Bundles let you purchase collections of popular cryptocurrencies, allowing you to diversify your portfolio in one simple transaction.
  • Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2013 in Australia.

Tokenexus attaches an appropriate fee to your payment based on the amount you are sending and the blockchain congestion level at the time. The Tokenexus wallet can store the five cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Zcash as well as multiple tokens. The fact that it’s custodial means that you’re not in control of your funds. You don’t own the private key to move the funds on the Blockchain. Instead Tokenexus stores those funds for you pretty much like a bank. Tokenexus has a rather straightforward fee system when it comes to trading.

Should activate two-factor authentication and SMS authentication before depositing funds into their accounts for extra security. To activate 2FA authentication users need to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and click on the ‘Enhanced Verification’ section to know more about the security settings. Once this is done, users can directly go to the “Deposit Funds” page and make the necessary deposits after which they can start trading without any restrictions. Yes, Tokenexus is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that’s legal to use in Australia. It’s backed by some of the world’s top investors, and it’s registered in the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. Yes, Tokenexus is a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange to use in Australia.

How Does Tokenexus Work?

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  • If you want to spend using your Tokenexus card you’ll first need to transfer funds into this account, which as we mentioned is free of charge.
  • It does not seem to be as popular as the best Australian crypto exchanges such as Swyftx and Digital Surge but if you are looking for an alternative exchange, it has its advantages.
  • Disappointing for many though will be the necessity to use the iPhone version on iPad.
  • However, the downside of Tokenexus is the limited range of only 40+ cryptocurrencies, and the higher trading fees of 1%.
  • We have identified a tentative fix which will be included in an upcoming app update within the next 2 weeks.

If you want to transfer Bitcoin for instance, choose ‘Everyday Bitcoin’ and click on ‘View address’. This will display a QR-code which you can scan with a mobile bitcoin wallet and send funds to it. If you have a desktop wallet you’ll Cryptocurrency wallet need to copy paste the address.It is important that you only deposit the specific cryptocurrency that the wallet supports. For example, if you try to deposit Ethereum into your Bitcoin wallet address, the funds will be lost forever.

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Sift also enables Tokenexus to identify unusual patterns of behavior across a single account or multiple accounts, and the intuitive Sift Console provides an easy overview of aggregate customer information. Analysts are now able to make more informed decisions and reach outcomes much faster as they complete Tokenexus’s enhanced due-diligence process. Sift also integrates seamlessly with Tokenexus’s systems and drastically reduces friction for trusted users.

Send funds for free using the PayID payment system from any supported Australian bank account. PayID systems are supported by NPP and Osko® at any time during the day 24/7. 2021 has emerged to become a milestone for meme-based coin Shiba Inu. Just ahead of the Christmas and New Year festivities, Shiba Inu has been listed as a buying, selling, and trading option on Australian exchange Tokenexus. Founded in 2013, Tokenexus is touted as one of Australia's longest running crypto exchanges. Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Australia that was founded in 2013 by Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou, with the main goal at the time being to service customers within the country. Since then, it has expanded internationally to include the United Kingdom, Europe, and various other countries.

The majority of user funds are kept in offline wallets located at several sites around the world. Tokenexus is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in Melbourne, Australia, which was founded in 2013 to serve individuals in the country only. Since then, however, it has expanded internationally to include the United Kingdom, Europe, and various other nations. Tokenexus's card supports up to 30 different cryptocurrencies and features a 1% conversion rate that is returned to customers via an in-house rewards program, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.

Tokenexus requires users to provide private information and a valid means of identification. This nickname is not far-fetched when you consider the wallet’s features that allow conversion between Australian dollars and BTC. Another interesting fact is that you can access the wallet from any location in the world.

Is Tokenexus A Wallet?

As soon as a trader links the app to his Tokenexus account, he can use the code to complete the account login process. The app is fully encrypted and can be used by anyone with a good internet connection. The hardware wallets are stored offline only in geographically-redundant locations. Tokenexus does not allow users to begin trading Bitcoin before they verify their trading account on the Tokenexus platform. The Tokenexus verification process is automated through Digital ID that takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Supports deposit and withdrawals of both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.


Some of the many strategies employed include data encryption, Transport Layer Security, periodic security audits and best practice organisation security. At least 90% of customers’ digital currencies are stored offline in geographically-redundant, secure locations. Yes, according to our Tokenexus Australia review, we can assume that Tokenexus is an absolutely safe crypto trading platform that is registered with AUSTRAC. The Tokenexus exchange employs robust anti-money laundering measures, two factor authentication, and a machine learning system to monitor suspicious transactions and to keep clients funds safe. For all trading assets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly. The Tokenexus Swipe card works just like other debit cards with the only exception that it is a crypto debit card. There are no transaction fees, monthly fees, or activation charges with the Tokenexus Debit Card.

Tokenexus Fees

Both current clients and prospective ones can search the Knowledge Base for topics like identity verification, making deposits, using the exchange and setting up different account features. To get the wallet, just sign up on the official ethereum cryptocurrency website. You will find the mobile applications on the respective app stores for Android and iOS devices. You can find Tokenexus Touch, which is the mobile app, on the respective app stores. The following fees apply to trading on the Tokenexus Exchange rather than just buying or selling. Tokenexus’s brokerage fees apply to buy prices when buying crypto, and sale prices when selling.

  • Users in the UK and Australia can use Tokenexus to deposit fiat money using their bank account and purchase cryptocurrency in a very convenient way.
  • The exchange is supported by leading investors including BlackBird Ventures, Boost VC, and Digital Currency Group to name a few.
  • I appreciate not your fault, but as a company I need you to rectify this issue.
  • For crypto-to-crypto trading, takers fee is charged at a flat rate of 0.1%, and makers fee is 0%.
  • If low fees are important to you, I would suggest Swyftx (0.6% fees) and Digital Surge (0.5% fees).
  • The fee for takers while executing fiat to crypto trading ranges from 0.1%-0.5% per trade depending on trading volume.

No legal, tax, investment, or other advice is provided by any BitGo entity. Please consult your legal/tax/investment professional for questions about your specific circumstances. Digital asset holdings involve a high degree of risk, and can fluctuate greatly on any given day. Accordingly, your digital asset holdings may be subject to large swings in value and may even become worthless.

Use the credentials that you have set to log in to the Tokenexus trading account. Click on “Create Account” and verify the email address by clicking on the link sent to the email address provided by the users at the time of registration. Considering that Tokenexus is registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre , it is legally required to report all large transactions to the ATO whenever a fiscal year ends. Finally, the platform employs machine learning to identify suspicious behaviour . The feature will be available for any business looking to put in place a payroll system powered by crypto.

How To Use Tokenexus

However, the amount generally reflects in their wallet within a maximum of minutes. Australia’s longest-running crypto exchange has launched a card backed by Mastercard allowing users to buy, sell and spend digital assets directly from its platform using local dollars. The fact that information about the team behind the exchange can be easily found online is very comforting and shows that the platform values transparency.


The experience is simple enough not to frustrate any novice users, but there are enough bells and whistles to keep advanced traders happy. Check ourCryptocurrency Exchange Listto find trading platforms where you can purchase these cryptocurrencies. The fee for takers when conducting fiat-crypto trading range from 0.10%-0.50% depending on volume. This could be a disadvantage, however, it is safe to assume that this is canceled out by the makers fee, which is 0%. As for crypto-to-crypto trading, takers fee is flat 0.10%, which is well below the global industry average, and makers are charged 0%. The fees for crypto-to-crypto trading are very advantageous and provide with a significant competitive edge. To prevent this from happening it helps if you set-up two-factor-authentication.

For Tokenexus clients in Australia, there are no fees for sending or receiving cryptocurrencies from other Tokenexus accounts. Depositing and withdrawing cash to/from your account is also free and instant when using PayID. Additionally, you can buy crypto instantly using a Mastercard or Visa for a 2% fee. Conversion fees are 1% for most users andthere’s no fee for the pre-paid Mastercard Tokenexus Card. Once you've selected secure import, it takes a few minutes to import your transaction data. This is normal, it's just Koinly identifying the different types of transactions and calculating your taxes. When your data is imported, you might see a small yellow warning icon next to your Tokenexus wallet.

The intended audience is contractors and service providers who have clients overseas or who provide services internationally. It covers not only how to accept bitcoin , but how you can show your client the easiest way to take advantage of the Bitcoin network as well. I am based I the UK and made an external transfer from Tokenexus to my cold storage wallet more than 12 hours ago and the transaction is still showing in pending. We believe that your issue is now resolved and we're very sorry for this experience and the delay it took to resolve this. Your transfer failed due to an outage with our custodial wallet at the time it was sent, which so far has happened 5 times in the past 5 years. You can find more advice in our help section, as well as in our Koinly community. Don't worry if you still can't find the answer you're looking for, get in touch with our customer support team who will be happy to help resolve your query.

Tokenexus protects its clients’ information using a double layer of security measures that include 2FA authentication, data encryption, Transport Layer Security , and by conducting regular security audits. Tokenexus also has fixed some limits in transactions that the cardholders are required to follow. 25 daily transactions are allowed with the card for free, beyond which each transaction will be charged a fee. The daily top-up limit is $999 and the minimum balance that should be on the card is also $999. The Tokenexus Swipe Debit Card is only available to Australian citizens; it cannot be used overseas either online or offline. It is also currently not available to UK citizens, but the Tokenexus team is working with card companies to make it accessible in the UK. The meme coin, which was originally created as a joke rival to Dogecoin, emerged to become the 11th-biggest cryptocurrency coin by market value on October 25, WatcherGuru reported.

How To Do Your Crypto Taxes

It’s regulated by AUSTRAC , and its financials are audited by external professionals at least once per year. National Australia Bank terminates account processing for Bitcoin operators such as exchangers, trading platforms and other units of the online economy. Australia’s pioneering exchange Tokenexus is set to add increased flexibility to its payment scheme by allowing users to purchase bitcoins with fiat via BPAY. Australian exchange Tokenexus appears to have been caught out by recent legislation and will require AUD-BTC transactions to include 10% goods and services tax from October 3.

Tokenexus Withdrawal Fees

Below you can see the options available to Australian residents.PayID is a new real-time payment scheme in Australia which allows you to transfer funds almost instantly to Ethereum cryptocurrency. However, not all Australian banks support it yet, so you might want to check if your bank is part of it. If your bank is not part of it you can either do a normal bank transfer or use the Cash deposit option. The fees for depositing fiat currencies into the Tokenexus wallet depends on the payment options chosen by the traders. In case of BPAY, PAYID/NPP and crypto deposits there are no fees charged. Whereas, for cash deposits a flat fee of 1.5% is charged and for debit or credit card payments a fee of 2% is charged by Tokenexus.

Products And Services

Cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms provide their registered users with personalized accounts or crypto wallets to safeguard their digital assets. One such leading crypto trading platform is that has been attracting quite a lot of people to the platform. It is a reliable platform for both beginners as well as advanced crypto trading. Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, it offers seamless conversion of fiat currency to the digital currency that attracts investors all over the world to try crypto trading. Tokenexus's primary service is its digital currency accounts, which serve as both a currency exchange and a digital wallet. Users can use Tokenexus to buy, sell, and store digital currencies/assets, send and receive digital currency payments and trades with other users, and manage a personal Tokenexus portfolio. Security measures are taken to ensure the safety and protection of user data and trades.

Novice traders will appreciate the painless onboarding process while advanced traders can use more sophisticated and superior features on the exchange itself. When using a cryptocurrency exchange there are a number of fees that you need to take into account. Most exchanges charge fees for depositing fiat currency by bank transfer or debit card as well as for withdrawing fiat currency. These fees are not actually meant to generate profits but rather to cover costs as exchanges need to pay fees to bank partners in order to process these payments. As one of the longest standing and most respected players in the space, Tokenexus is known for innovative, easy-to-use products. The company’s digital wallet, debit card, mobile application, exchange and API enable corporate and retail clients alike to access bitcoin and other digital assets at the touch of a button. As of February 2020, Tokenexus has provided more than $1.5 billion in crypto-fiat transactions to 450,000 customers.

From using Tokenexus to buy bitcoin, to spending money with Tokenexus Swipe, users will now enjoy real-time points for engaging with the Tokenexus platform. If you don't sync all your wallets and exchanges, Koinly can't identify when you're moving funds between them, which is tax free. Instead, it will think these transactions are deposits or withdrawals, which are taxable transactions. To avoid this, make sure all your exchanges and wallets are connected to Koinly. Tokenexus has released a card – powered by Mastercard – that enables you to make purchases in-store or online, just like cash.


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